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EnvironSoil's Mission Statement

“To do whatever it takes to achieve an environmental ecosystem that adheres to standards for cleaner methodologies in farming, cultivating, and growing everything and anything organic, by use of already existing natural products found in agriculture, and to ensure sustainability with the going-green initiatives are completely met!”
Our Staple Product
100% organic and environmentally friendly.
Our Staple Product
100% organic and environmentally friendly.

EnvironSoil™ is certified as a Green Business by the City of Irvine Green Business Program. This recognition signifies that we are conducting our business using strategies aimed at improving employee wellness and productivity, energy savings, water efficiency, resource stewardship and reducing CO2 emissions. This seal shows our commitment to incorporating sustainable practices at every level of our operations as we continue striving to reduce our impact on the environment through sustainable practices and source reduction initiatives. We take pride in being part of the growing green business community of the City of Irvine and of the California Green Business Network.

About Us

We are a premiere distributor of optimal Coco-Coir products and serving customers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Our office is in Irvine, California. Our mission is to ensure we provide quality organic products to ensure sustainability, and that the going-green initiatives are completely met.
Sustainability is a huge part of the company’s initiatives. In fact, the Director of Sales for EnvironSoil, Raj Bhatia, has joined the Connection Cares Leadership Council (CCLC), and is a member of their Sustainability Committee. He actively participates in the discussions, actions, and deliverables of the committee.
Raj also has a true passion to help better the environment, and to provide quality goods that are already used in many different industries. He loves all things coconut-related, and feels instead of having a waste of the coconut husks, the conversion process it entails with a net output of a better soil substitute, helps plants and food indulge in more growth and better nutrients. He is also helping create more jobs and bringing more revenue for his motherland, India, which is the biggest exporter of Coco Coir / Coco-Peat!
Lastly, and worth mentioning, he is actively taking a part on new projects with the City of Irvine, and has routine cadences with the City Manager, and City Council Members, to discuss environmental impacts and how Raj can contribute to the “growing” success of the city’s framework plans, especially for the going-green initiatives, reduction of food wastage (Support amendment to Waste Management Agreement to include food recycling), supporting the OC Sustainability Decathlon, and strategic planning and discussions for planting trees throughout the Great Park Neighborhood, without issues in growth and deterioration.
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Raj Bhatia
Director of Sales – EnvironSoil™
I am a member of the Sustainability Committee for the CCLC. I also have an extensive knowledge and experience, which I learned hands-on, for inside sales and an aggressive Business Development skillset. I have an aptitude for inside sales, as well as business operations, and digital solutions and services experience.
Additional Proficiencies and Competencies:
Proficient in MS Suite, i.e. Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Vizio, etc. Some of the most important technology skills I possess are the following: complete computer literacy, database management, website development, digital marketing, project management, and cybersecurity skills.

Coco Coir Benefits

The below are just scratching the ice-berg when it comes to the benefits of Coco Coir. More is found here: Benefits to Plants – Coco Coir
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