Animal Bedding: Advantages & Disadvantages of Different Types

The agriculture industry includes livestock, poultry, rodents, reptiles, etc. Animal bedding brings many benefits to pets, which in the simplest context, provides comfort for them. The importance of building a barn is not only noted that weather, maintenance barn design, ventilation, and also the choice of the acceptable bedding for the animal’s needs. Coco coir reptile bedding is a great choice. However, each animal has its own unique characteristics. So, let’s explore a sustainable bedding choice and clarify their characters.

1. What is bedding?

Bedding, in ethology and animal husbandry, is material usually organic, animals use them to assist their bodies when resting or otherwise stationary. It reduces skin, heat loss, and contamination by waste produced by an animal or those with it sharing living space.

2. The benefits of bedding?

Bedding creates an environment of moisture retention although incapable to prevent all microbial activity, bedding absorbs a substantial amount of moisture within the animal’s living environment. It soaks up excess urine, and assists in keeping the cage dry until the next change. Supports the promoting of ventilation of the cage, which will decrease harmful levels of environmental pathogens and other bad bacteria. 

3. The advantages and disadvantages of types of bedding

Type General Advantages Disadvantages
Coco Coir It is a naturally derived product from coconut coir extracts and treated from the layer of coconut shell

+ Coco coir reptile bedding is easy to use, dust-free, anti-allergen, pet/rot control, and super absorbent, good absorbing odors.

+ It is cheap and after-use would be sold for compost fertilizer for vegetation growth

+ Could be ingesting and cause damage to small animal 
Wood shaving  Type of Pine, cedar, and aspen. Wood shavings are a one hundred percent natural product and are generated mostly during the machine processing of wood in timber mills

+ which have different textures such as fine cut, soft shreds, or thick dusty are used for different animals

+ it is absorbent and has good odor control

+ It could be dusty and contain aromatic oils that can cause respiratory, gastrointestinal, urinary tract, or skin disorders and other health problems in some animals.
Hemp It is soft, fibrous bedding made from the stalk of the hemp plant + Bedding is extremely absorbent and thus efficient, has good odor control and minimal dust, and provides more insulation than other bedding materials + It is naturally pest-repellent and therefore horses are not tempted to eat it.
Corncob Corncobs are a by-product of the maize crop, which is the central core of an ear of corn

+ It contains no aromatic oils or dust

+ It is heat dried which makes them very absorbent.

+ When water or urine is absorbed, it will start molding therefore the user needs daily cleaning.

+ If it does not change frequently then maintained, bacterial infections are like to occur.

+ It is cut into little pieces so making the animal easy to ingest, thus it could be dangerous if ingested by a small animal.

Paper bedding Which is including either recycled paper or cardboard boxes.

+ It is ideal for animals with allergies since it contains no oils and little dust.

+ It does not adverse effect on consumption

+ It is very absorbent but when saturated with water or urine, a strong odor will come
Hay  Which is made of grasses that have been cut and then dried. + It may result in an insufficient diet for the purpose of animal bedding

+ The old hay may give off dust that could result in respiratory problems.

+ It is more expensive.

+ It molds quickly and could result in bacterial infection.

Wood chips They are a mixture of bark, sawdust, and post peelings

+ It is cost-efficient bedding.

+ It provides minimal comfort and absorbency

+ It generates mold and mildew because of it so they highly damp environment.

+ It causes bacterial growth and potential infection if not changed often

Sawdust It must be kiln-dried. It is a by-product or waste product of woodworking operations such as sawing, sanding, milling, planning, and routing.

+ It is clean and absorbance.

+ Sawdust is also quick and easy to clean

+ They become easily wet and begin to clump together.

+ It also is known to create a lot of health problems such as respiratory, urinary tract, mastitis, and skin disorders

Sand It is a type of construction material that is comprised of coarse particles

+ It is ideal when looking at microbial growth.

+ Sand is the most comfortable bedding due to its natural ability to form to the animal’s curvature

+ it is large and particles can cause abrasions and bruises on an animal.

+ It also does not very absorbent and causes a difficult clean-up of soiled materials

4. Choosing the right bedding for your animal

The important features of animal bedding include:

+ Soft & comfortable

+ Odor control

+ Super absorbent

+ Dust free

+ Treated and safe with no harmful chemicals

+ Easy use and cleanup

+ Eco-friendly

+ Pest/rot control

+ Highly resilient

+ Low decomposition rate

+ Reliable cost and easy to transport

5. Which best type of bedding is suggested for your animal

We recommend: Coco Coir reptile bedding, the stringy fiber pieces, also known as the husk, on a coconut are the best choice for reptile bedding. They are often sold in expandable even loose and compressed forms and are popular among owners of reptiles requiring high humidity. The existence of Coco Coir reptile bedding for barn living surpasses a few decades. They are preferential by many owners of reptiles or barn owners for their in-cost and availability and are presently in use as an evergreen bedding style.

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