The Influence of Coco Coir and Its Benefits to Plant Growth

Are you looking for an alternative substrate that can replace conventional soil? Then you should not miss out on coco peat, a superb growing medium for planting. Coco coir is getting more and more universal for growers in developed countries. Why is it so popular for high-tech and modern agriculture? Here, EnvironSoil will provide readers with the most genuine information to explain Coco Coir and its benefits as well as its effects on plants.

What is the definition of coco coir?

Coco coir is a modern agricultural product made entirely from coconut husks. Following strict processes such as adjusting the level of tannins, lignin, and balancing pH level with appropriate standards for plant growth. In addition, coco peat is usually distributed in the form of peat, fiber, and chips, which are blended at a suitable ratio for each certain crop. Because of the great benefits, coco peat products are becoming increasingly popular in modern agriculture.

What are the benefits of coco coir for plants?

Provides aeration, water retention, and optimal plant growth conditions

Coco coir has a fine powder or fibrous texture and the ability to breathe and hold water (increases 5-7 times after being watered). It is also well-drained to ensure the development of roots while avoiding pests and diseases that are as damaging as other types of plant matter. Moreover, coco peat itself has some specific nutrients that are suitable for plant growth. However, if you want your plants to improve better with higher efficiency and productivity, you can add more nutrients or fertilizers that are appropriate for your plants.

Easy to use and convenient for moving and storing at warehouses

The finished coco peat is packed into several different packages, including bags and slabs, to fit each style of planting and each specific crop. Furthermore, when coco peat is packed, it is very easy and practical to transport it to areas where there is little soil, difficult to grow trees or the land is rocky for cultivation.

A wide range of options for different types of crop

Coco peat can be blended with various quantities of peat, fiber, and chips to fit the growth characteristics of each type of crop, such as nursery, hydroponics, soil planting… The blending will have an effect on avoiding the occurrence of plant death to minimize losses in cultivation.

High yield and suitable for modern agriculture

According to a number of recent research reports on products grown in greenhouses using coco peat, agricultural productivity increased by 30% compared to those grown on garden soil. In addition, the rate of plant death due to diseases was also reduced to the maximum extent possible. The use of coco peat in planting helps to save up to 85% of the land.

Easy to reuse, contribute to a sustainable environment

By taking advantage of millions of tons of coconut shells that were previously only considered as waste, the coir industry innovates and improves the value of  Indian agricultural products, while building new rural development and minimizing waste to the environment. Furthermore, coco peat is easy to reuse, making it useful not only in agricultural and animal husbandry but also in fertilizer and seed production.

Increase brand value and provide the best quality to customers

As consumers are increasingly trusting organic products with credible origins and production procedures, they will be the new agriculture market trends. As a result, keeping up with the trends, using new farming techniques, particularly combining the use of environmentally friendly products such as coco peat, these factors contribute to enhancing brand awareness and building customer trust.

Provide values for life

According to the analysis “Coir fiber in Asia” from Proceedings of the Symposium on Natural Fibers, India ranks # 1 in the world regarding coir production. Each year, 55% of the world’s Coco Coir production is handled by India.  This allows India’s coir sector to grow and compete with other emerging countries in the market. It can be observed that coir not only contributes significantly to the environment but also plays a vital role in socio-economic development, providing jobs and increasing the worth of life.

Where to buy coco peat?

EnvironSoil is a market leader in providing coir products. With many years of experience in the market, along with the process of researching for innovative and eco-friendly products, our products not only have the finest quality but also are suitable for growing most kinds of plants. 

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