Coco Coir For Planting – Different Types and Uses of Coco Coir

In recent years, coco peat is well-known for an ideal alternative for traditional soil or peat moss with its benefits of maintaining moisture, regulating roots, improving crop productivity, etc. To get an overview about this superb growing medium, let’s refer to the excerpt below by EnvironSoil.

1. The shape of coco coir

  • Coco coir or coconut peat in the shape of fine powder is the product which is extracted and ground from coconut husks. It has the ability of good water and moisture retention, which create favorable conditions for root growth.
  • Coconut fiber: These are thin fibers extracted from coconut husks ranging in various sizes, around 2 to 5 cm. The fiber part has the effect of loosening the soil, keeping the surface moist and supporting aeration in the soil.
  • Coconut chips are small pieces cut from coconut husks with different sizes (1-3cm). It has the same good water retention ability as perlite with a much cheaper price. Coconut chips after treatment will assist in loosening the soil surface, increasing the ability of good drainage for the substrate.

Those three ingredients are blended with each other to become a mixture called coco coir or coco peat. Depending on customer requests or various applications, the blend ratio of coco peat will be adjustable.

2. Application products from coco coir

Treated coir peat is especially suitable for high-tech agriculture, thus it is produced into many types to serve multiple choices of customers.

  • Coco peat slabs or Coco peat grow bags: Coco slabs are compressed into long bars and packed in PE bags with UV layer inside and are equipped with planting holes and drainage holes. This product is often used to grow climbers in greenhouses, poly-houses, etc. where modern operating equipment is available, suitable for short-term crops such as strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicums and so forth, bringing high yields for plants.
  • Coconut Pre-filled 2gal Bag Pot: Basically, coco peat mixture remains the same as other products. However, the way the product is packaged creates convenience for the users. They simply place the bags in specific areas, sow the seedlings into the substrate, water them and add more nutrients as needed.
  • Loose coco peat bags: Coco peat, coco fiber, and coco chips mixed according to customer requirements will be packed into bags with the volume of 50 liters or more. This product can be used to sow crops directly, improve soil, or produce fertilizer.
  • Pots for growing coir: It is a potted product made from coconut fiber, which is durable, and environmentally friendly, and it also has a good moisture retention ability.

    In addition, coco coir is also applied in many other fields such as mats, car seat covers, mattress cores, carpets, yarn wrapping, etc.

    3. Prestigious company providing high quality coco peat products in India

    Catching the current trends of the cultivation industry, EnvironSoil has released various coir products in order to meet various customer demands. Moreover, EnvironSoil’s coco peat is unique since its materials comes from a tropical region of India. This is the only one place in India in particular and in the world in general, where the coconut trees are grown under the alluvial deposition of the local bodies of water. Hence, there are many customers in both domestic and global markets are trusted and have chosen us a reliable supplier of coco peat.

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