Guide To Setup And Use Coco Coir In Hydroponics Growing

Hydroponic medium is one of the indispensable growing substances when growing hydroponic plants. It can be considered a soil in traditional cultivation, both helping to fix the tree and creating conditions for plants to grow. In the growing medium, coir substrate is considered popular and has a reasonable price, as well as nutritional value and natural ingredients. It is also re-usable.

1. What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a type of cultivation in which plants are grown directly into a liquid nutrient medium or medium, rather than the soil. The substrates can be sand, rice husk, coir husk, peat, vermiculite perlite…. This cultivation type is usually defined as “growing plants in water” or “growing plants without soil”. The hydroponic growing technique is one of the modern gardening methods. The technique helps growers easily control as well as provide nutrients for plants to grow as desired.

2. Benefits of hydroponics?

  • Helps plants grow in areas with poor soil conditions.
  • Helps plants absorb water outstandingly up to 90% compared to traditional soil
  • Output increases 3 to 10 times
  • Many crops grow 2 times faster in a good hydroponic management system
  • Reduces the time between harvest and consumption, thus increasing the nutritional value of the final product
  • Actively control the environment, and manage pH and nutrients to ensure plants will obtain exactly the nutrients they need.
  • Manage crop quality without the use of harmful chemicals.

    3. Growing in hydroponics

    3.1.Benefits of Coco Coir as a hydroponic growing medium

    • A sustainable and environmentally friendly hydroponic growing medium. It also can be reused many times.
    • A natural product that does not contain any harmful substances. Therefore, the impact on the environment is less, thereby contributing to ensuring the health of consumers.
    • Coir helps your plants stay healthy and thrive in any environment both indoors and outdoors. 
    • A versatile alternative to traditional peat moss or soil mixes or where the soil is scarce.
    • A better alternative method for hydroponics and aeroponics systems. With its texture, Coco Coir facilitates oxygen to reach the roots while retaining water well.
    • Coco Coir is naturally resistant to pests and diseases.

      3.2. Prepare and How to proceed?

      You can use coco coir as a stand-alone growing medium or mix it with other substrates.

      Step 1: Prepare the seed of the plant you want to grow. You also need to choose an appropriate mixing ratio of coco coir to suit the plant. In addition, you might need to care about the pH level of that coco peat since it will affect plant growth. To get more information about specific mixing ratios for each crop, please contact us here.

      Step 2: Use coco coir tablets to soak in water for 3-5 minutes. Or you can use coco peat from EnvironSoil for direct nursery. Contact us here for more details.

      Step 3: Put seeds or seedlings into the pellets nursery

      Step 4: Watering, observing, and checking daily for seeds to grow quickly, germinate, and develop roots

      Step 5: After the plant has 2-3 cotyledons and is healthy, it will be put into a nursery pot

      Step 6: Put the nursery pot directly into the appropriately prepared mixing ratio in step 1, or based on other specific hydroponic growing forms, it will be planted in distinct ways.

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