The Importance of Using PE Bags In Coco Coir Manufacturing



You are aware of the advantages of grow bags as superior for your crops. However, you may wonder why grow bags are packed with plastic bags, so what are the benefits of this packaging? Can the product be stored for a long time? The following article by EnvironSoil will help you answer the questions.

1. What is coco coir?

Coco coir is a growing medium extracted from the outer shell of the coconut. After being processed of contents including the tannin, lignin, EC, pH, and substances harmful to the crop, it continues to be heat-treated, then mixed in certain ratios. Depending which purpose, it can be processed or unprocessed and then be packaged to standard sizes. The product contributes to bringing smart, modern, and economical agricultural solutions because of its characteristics of maintaining humidity, oxygen balance, saving water, and nutrition.

2. What is a PE plastic bag?

PE standing for Polyethylene, or polyethylene is a thermoplastic that produces light and thin bags commonly used. With the features of great weight-bearing, water retention, and good chemical resistance, PE bags are used in many different industries, including the production of Coconut Coir for the finished packaging process.


3. The benefits of having coconut coir packed in PE plastic bags?

  • Benefits for crops

With strong, durable, and reusable properties of 3-4 seasons, PE bags contain coconut coir planting plants suitable for crops in the model of drip irrigation hydroponic technology for climbing vegetable crops such as cucumbers, melons or tomatoes etc.

PE plastic bags containing coconut coir will have 2 distinct layers of plastic.

+ White outer plastic layer: Sun protection, UV protection, contributing to protecting the roots from the influence of ultraviolet (UV) rays. In addition, this white layer also has the effect of preventing the absorption of heat from light causing the roots to overheat.

+ Inner black plastic layer: helps protect the roots from pests, prevents mosses, weeds so that they do not grow. Create good conditions for the growth of plant roots. Make good and most effective use of the amount of nutrients and minerals in the bag.

In addition, the body of the bag also has drainage holes to help the plant avoid waterlogging. These products contribute to making it easy for users to replenish nutrients and monitor the growth and development of crops without being affected by objective factors such as climate, planting area,

  • Benefits for such transfer and preservation

PE bags have flexible and durable properties, helping products to be preserved to avoid environmental impacts such as temperature and humidity. They help maintain the original shape of the product, even when it is transported for a long time.

  • Benefits to the economy

With affordable prices, the cost of consumption for coco coir products packaged from PE bags becomes extremely reasonable to help businesses save costs and improve the crop value.

A number of holes from many sides are considered as vents for crops, contributing to the supply of enough oxygen, avoiding waterlogging, which contributes to the growth of crops.

PE bags are considered a thin form of material, so do not cost too much surface area, and also save as well as bring much value to greenhouses.

It’s also easy to adjust the required size to get the best choice for each type of product.

  • Eco-friendly

These planting bags use little energy material to produce, so they are completely reusable. You can reuse them as long as the bags are still in good condition. And because it is a very light material, the transportation will save the cost of fuel.



4. Where to buy packaged coconut coir products?

EnvironSoil is considered as a leading and prestigious company specializing in producing coco coir products in the United States. With a strict production process from material selection to the process of processing finished products, we are committed to bring customers with the finest products which are suitable for each crop and the climate of each region. Contact us for the best quote today!




The Importance of Using PE Bags In Coco Coir Manufacturing
Our Staple Product
100% organic and environmentally friendly.
Our Staple Product
100% organic and environmentally friendly.

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