What is OMRI Listed Products? – OMRI Certificate



You might have heard about OMRI Listed, but you still do not comprehend what exactly it is? OMRI Listed is so-called a trusted certificate for organic materials/products. In this article, EnvironSoil will give you an overview about this certificate so that you can get a better understanding about it.

1. What is OMRI?

OMRI stands for Organic Materials Review Institute. This institute based in the United States specializes in reviewing organic materials, which helps customers to find and trust the products. They also review materials according to USDA standards, which is a key factor in assessing the reputation of this unit. People know about OMRI mainly in the US, Canada and Mexico. However, the coverage of this certificate is getting bigger and bigger, and people are also gradually paying attention to it and want to know more about it.

2. What is OMRI Listed Products?

When your products get approval by OMRI, they will listed on OMRI Listed Products. According to OMRI, “The OMRI Listed® seal assures the suitability of products for certified organic production, handling, and processing” under required conditions controlled by OMRI.

3. How does OMRI Listed (for organic use) work?

As mentioned above, OMRI will review the ingredients to see if it is organic according to USDA standards.

Producers of input materials can sell to growers who want to find an origin and reliable source of raw materials. This is also one of the crucial factors for organic producers or Livestock Producers to evaluate and make the final decision whether to choose the products or not.

Organic certifiers appreciate that OMRI’s listed products have been tested for prohibited and permitted ingredients, which illustrates that OMRI is a prestigious and verified unit specializing in reviewing organic materials.

Organic growers, processors and livestock producers will have a reliable source to check with knowing that OMRI products only use ingredients and formulations that are allowed under the organic standards.

4. Is OMRI Listed highly evaluated?

Some organic certifiers said that OMRI is a great and reliable source to the Organic Industry, helping them in evaluating the materials which are from the list published by OMRI in a fast and easy way.

Being well-known in many places, OMRI is increasingly verified by customers because its products are thoroughly tested according to USDA standards with a strict control system, bringing assurance and satisfaction to customers when choosing products.

A lot of organic certifiers highly evaluate and trust the list that is published by OMRI. And there are many other organic producers have a plenty of compliments about OMRI services as well as its review progress.

5. Why is it important to have this certificate?

Being featured on OMRI Listed products, companies that are input producers will be endorsed and trusted by more customers because OMRI Listed is a significant, broad spectrum and highly trusted certificate.

EnvironSoil’s products are also listed on OMRI Listed Products and are being used by customers around the world, especially in demanding countries. We offer a range of coco peat with quality assurance, bring customers with the finest products in the market.

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What is OMRI Listed Products? – OMRI Certificate
Our Staple Product
100% organic and environmentally friendly.
Our Staple Product
100% organic and environmentally friendly.

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